Telefonica O2 - Slovakia

Telefónica Slovakia, part of the Spanish group Telefónica Europe, is a mobile service provider occupying the challenger market position in Slovakia under the O2 brand. Introduced as the third mobile services operator into the Slovak telecommunications market in 2007, Telefónica held a count of 1.1 million active mobile subscribers in December 2011 and rising due to main company principles of customer approach: fairness, simplicity and transparency. These are highly valued among customers, helping Telefónica continuously achieve the highest Customer Satisfaction Index among all competing operators.

Project info

Emeldi Commerce - Enterprise Portal Suite

  • Using Liferay Portal, Emeldi helped Telefónica to reach the following business achievements:
  • Over 15% of website visits touch self-care part
  • Over 15% monthly growth of number of online users
  • Most visited content are pages related to customer cost control (actual expenditure, activation of Extra-packages)
  • Full synergy in technologies and frameworks to satisfy business objectives of robust, service-rich portal


E-portal is a large and ambitious self-care portal application and is officially called Moje O2. As a single sign-on portal system, E-portal takes on the role as O2 Slovakia’s new primary face to the online world by integrating all of O2 Slovakia’s distributed customer self-service web applications (such as o2Active, E-Shop, O2Forum, E-Recharging, bulletins, etc.) into a single-point of service web portal.

You can find this application on www.sk.o2.com/moje-o2



With a new portal platform and framework in place, Telefónica decided to integrate a complete ecommerce product capable of achieving their technological and business objectives. Following an exhaustive pre-study, Telefónica decided to replace its existing eShop application with Emeldi Commerce® - Enterprise Portal Suite.

You can find the e-shop application on address - www.o2.sk/pre-vas/e-shop